Our Premier Range of Brake and Clutch Parts Delivered Anywhere

Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies offers an extensive range of brake and clutch parts.  Our team can identify the correct parts for your vehicle and advise on the best option to suit your application.

We can arrange for shipping of parts Australia-wide, and even overseas.  If you are local to Brisbane you can collect from our workshop in Rocklea, or choose to use a courier delivery service.


  • Clutch kits
  • Spigot bearings
  • Flywheels
  • Alignment tools
  • Forks and bushes
  • Master cylinders
  • Slave cylinders
  • Clutch cables

Disc Brakes

  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors
  • Calipers
  • Brake pad wear sensors
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake boosters
  • Master cylinders

Drum Brake System

  • Brake drums
  • Brake shoes
  • Wheel Cylinders

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Our Premier Range of Brake and Clutch Parts


Disc Braking Systems

Drum Braking Systems

Quality Clutch repairs in Brisbane

Adam and his team at Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies provide the best clutch repair services in Brisbane at an affordable price, our highly trained team are ready to help you with all your clutch repair needs. Our clutch repair services are very extensive and we guarantee the quality of all our workmanship.

Adam and his friendly team in Rocklea are fully committed to providing you with sound advice and a service that is second to none here in brisbane. We offer a range of clutch services including – clutch replacement, flywheel machining, performance clutch upgrades.

Adam and his team will make sure your Clutch is Performing at an optimal level to help keep you and your family safe.

Brisbanes Trusted Clutch Repair Services

When you need your vehicles clutch repaired, you are putting your trust in a crucial system in your car 4wd or truck to the repairer you choose. That’s why you want to choose Brisbane Brake & Clutch. We specialise in clutch repairs. We only use the highest quality new clutch parts to guarantee the reliablility of your vehicle. Call Adam and his team to book in if you are having issues with you clutch..

Frequently Asked Questions about Clutch Repairs we get from our customers at BBCS

Clutch chatter usually results from one of the following problems

My clutch is making a chatter like feeling on the pedal what could be causing this?

  • Damaged or excessively worn cv joints.
  • Bad u-joints in drive shaft or u-joints misaligned.
  • Excessive backlash in differential.
  • Defective pressure plate and/or disc.
  • Disc has inadequate or no marcel (not enough cushion between the friction facings).
  • Flywheel has excessive run-out.
  • Fly wheel was not resurfaced before the new clutch was installed.
  • Flywheel was resurfaced improperly or has improper surface finish.
  • Flywheel has severe hard spots or hot spots.
  • Flywheel resurfaced improperly (i.e. incorrect flywheel step)
  • Oil or grease contamination on clutch facings.
  • Worn or damaged clutch linkage.
  • Bent cover assembly and/or disc..
  • Worn or damaged engine mounts or transmission mounts.

Why is my Clutch slipping?

Clutch slippage can be caused by any one of the following.

  • Incorrect throwout bearing is being used (too long).Improper clutch adjustment freeplay.
  • Clutch assembly contaminated with grease/oil.
  • Clutch not fully/properly seated in.
  • Flywheel not surfaced and disc has been glazed.
  • Clutch assembly not designed for the application.
  • Clutch assembly not designed for specific type of use (racing/competition, etc.).
  • Clutch not adequate for horsepower/torque of application.
  • Incorrect gear ratio to tire diameter.
  • Clutch assembly has lost facing material from the disc.
  • Clutch assembly has failed or is defective.
  • Flywheel surfaced improperly (i.e. incorrect flywheel step).
  • Damaged or worn throwout bearing collar.
  • Damaged or bent pressure plate assembly and/or disc.

FlyWheel Machining

Flywheel Machining – for optimum life, smooth operation and better performance.

Our flywheel machining service is adaptable according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Adam and his team can replace or machine your flywheel prior to the end of the warranty to ensure you get the most out of your parts.

Clutch Replacement

For your convenience, Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies can replace your clutch system with high quality OEM parts. Both the mechanical and hydralic systems will be as good as new.

Clutch Kits Shipped Australia Wide

Supply regional or interstate clutch kits by express delivery and provide friendly after sales service to ensure your satisfaction and you get your clutch sorted as soon as possible.

What Our Customers Have to Say about our Clutch Repair Service

We only believe in genuine testimonials and we can pass on contact details of any testimonials or you can see what people are saying about us on our Google Plus Page here

“I was so happy with Adam and his team when they machined the disk rotors on my MX5 I will definitely be getting my Clutch Service and Repairs with them.”

David Richardson

Our client base is Australia wide, as customers all over the country send their flywheels and difficult to source clutch parts to us for restoration. However, the majority of our clutch service clients are based in Brisbane and the immediate region. Come in for a free clutch test or just come in for a chat about any of your clutch service needs.

Suburbs included are:

  • Archerfield
  • Acacia Ridge
  • Salisbury
  • Moorooka
  • Seventeen Mile Rocks
  • Carole Park
  • Sherwood
  • Richlands
  • Mt Gravatt
  • Redbank
  • Goodna
  • Darra
  • Sumner
  • Coopers Plains
  • Wacol
  • Inala

Know your clutch service is done right first time.

If your clutch fails it could be an immediate issue for your safety. When we fix your clutch we do it rite first time every time. For example if your clutch fails on your 4wd you could be stranded in a harsh inhospitable environment.

Failing clutch systems can also cause poor fuel economy and strain on other drive train components. Book in now for our free clutch test.