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Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies will provide you the best clutch repair services in Brisbane at an affordable price. You will get highly experienced and knowledgeable clutch mechanics working on your vehicle.

Ask the BBCS team for advice on your vehicle’s clutch problems to get an accurate diagnosis and advice about how to repair the problem. We can also provide you with advice on clutch kits to suit your vehicle’s driving applications.

All BBCS clutch repairs and services are comprehensive and we guarantee the quality of all our work. BBCS has a unique quality assurance process to ensure all clutch repair services are comprehensive to ensure nothing is missed.

BBCS offer a range of clutch repair services including clutch replacement, flywheel machining and performance clutch upgrades. We use the highest quality clutch kits to make sure your clutch is performing at its optimal level.

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Failing clutch systems can cause poor fuel economy and wear on other drive train components. Book in now for our free clutch test.

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Clutch Replacement

Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies can replace your clutch system with high quality OEM or after market parts. We can also upgrade your clutch kit to a heavy duty or performance kit to better suit your driving application.

Flywheel Machining

Brisbane Brake & Clutch Supplies can replace or machine your flywheel according to warranty guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your clutch parts. Our flywheel machining service is undertaken according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Flywheel machining is essential for for optimum life, smooth operation and better performance of your clutch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clutch Repairs

My clutch is making a chatter like feeling on the pedal what could be causing this?

Clutch chatter usually results from one of the following problems:

  • Damaged or excessively worn cv joints.
  • Bad u-joints in drive shaft or u-joints misaligned.
  • Excessive backlash in differential.
  • Defective pressure plate and/or disc.
  • Disc has inadequate or no marcel (not enough cushion between the friction facings).
  • Flywheel has excessive run-out.
  • Fly wheel was not resurfaced before the new clutch was installed.
  • Flywheel was resurfaced improperly or has improper surface finish.
  • Flywheel has severe hard spots or hot spots.
  • Flywheel resurfaced improperly (i.e. incorrect flywheel step)
  • Oil or grease contamination on clutch facings.
  • Worn or damaged clutch linkage.
  • Bent cover assembly and/or disc..
  • Worn or damaged engine mounts or transmission mounts.

Why is my clutch slipping?

Clutch slippage can be caused by any one of the following:

  • Incorrect throwout bearing is being used (too long).
  • Improper clutch adjustment freeplay.
  • Clutch assembly contaminated with grease/oil.
  • Clutch not fully/properly seated in.
  • Flywheel not surfaced and disc has been glazed.
  • Clutch assembly not designed for the application.
  • Clutch assembly not designed for specific type of use (racing/competition, etc.)
  • Clutch not adequate for horsepower/torque of application.
  • Incorrect gear ratio to tyre diameter.
  • Clutch assembly has lost facing material from the disc.
  • Clutch assembly has failed or is defective.
  • Flywheel surfaced improperly (i.e. incorrect flywheel step).
  • Damaged or worn throwout bearing collar.
  • Damaged or bent pressure plate assembly and/or disc.

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