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Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies will provide you with the best brake repairs and services in Brisbane at a reasonable price. You will get highly experienced and knowledgeable brake technicians working on your vehicle.

All BBCS brake repairs and services are comprehensive and we guarantee the quality of all our work. BBCS has a unique quality assurance process to ensure all brake repair services are comprehensive to ensure nothing is missed.

Ask the BBCS team for advice on your vehicle’s braking system problems to get an accurate diagnosis and advice about how to repair the problem.  We can also provide you with advice on brake system parts to suit your vehicle’s driving applications.

We offer a range of brake repairs and services including:

  • Brake pad replacements
  • Disc and drum machining
  • Brake shoe replacements
  • Brake caliper overhauls
  • ABS diagnostics and repairs
  • Safety checks

Brisbane Brake & Clutch Supplies will ensure your brakes are performing at the optimal level to help keep you safe.

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Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are a crucial part of your braking system and need to be in good working order to ensure optimal braking performance and safety. Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies can replace your brake pads and machine your rotors so your brakes feel like new. We offer an extensive range of brake pads depending on your driving application. Ask us to find the right brake pad option for your vehicle.

Brake Shoe Relining

Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies can reline your truck shoes with our air-operated relining machine. The old lining is removed and the shoe resurfaced before the new lining is fitted.  This ensures cracking or chipping of the lining is eliminated.

Disc and Drum Machining

At Brisbane Brake and Clutch Supplies’ Rocklea workshop, our modern equipment is capable of machining disc rotors for all types of vehicles, from the smallest car disc to the biggest truck rotors.

We are one of the very few workshops able to machine truck brake drums without removing the tyres.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brake Repairs

Why is my brake pedal pulsating?

This is a common problem and usually results from uneven discs or drums running out of alignment.

My brake warning light comes on, what should I do?

Your car is indicating there is an issue with the brakes.  There are a number of causes, so call us to have it diagnosed.

Why is my brake pedal low? What is the cause?

This indicates there is something wrong with your braking system.  It could be that your brake pads or brake shoes are worn, or there is a hydraulic fluid leak in the system. You should get it checked immediately.

Why does my brake pedal feel soft and spongy?

This is often an indication that moisture has entered the brake fluid. Clean brake fluid is critical to optimum safe performance of your vehicles braking system. If left unchecked moisture can damage brake components and lead to total brake failure.  It could also mean that air has entered your hydraulic system and the system needs to be bled.

Why does my brake pedal feel hard and needs extra pressure to stop my vehicle?

This is often caused by a faulty power assist system, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders and should be attended to immediately.

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